Clément Delamotte


Before joining Alvarium Osesam, Clément had worked 5 years within the Office – Grand Projects department of VINCI Immobilier, in France. In such position he has contributed to the development of commercial real estate projects contracted under various parts/structures (GMP, forward sale, Contractor…), with Institutionals, private or public sector. Clément would monitor the projects assigned to him from start to completion and delivery.

Clément graduated from l’Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP, Grande Ecole).

Where to meet Clément : on the top of a bouldering wall, dancing in a music event, or else, having fun in practicing an outdoor extreme sport. If not boarding a long distance train on his way to discover a new city, he would reinvent the world, sitting on a Parisian café terrace, with his friends.