Osesam’s Investment Strategies adhere
to 3 Interrelated Values



We believe that major shifts are currently happening in the commercial and residential real estate markets and we lean into disruption:

  • Anticipating urban changes and evolution of uses
  • Building for tomorrow’s end users

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility through development and operations

Our approach to environmental sustainability focuses on

  • Emphasising  renovation / brown field rather than greenfield
  • Aiming at highest quality and ESG labels 
  • Targeting lowest energy consumption in use
  • Behaving as  an equal employer
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders (municipalities, neighbourhood, communities, end-users)


Disciplined approach to where and how we invest

  • Protect Investors’ capital through attractive going-in pricing (discount to replacement cost) 
  • Assess carefully the risk profile and value creation
  • Conservative and rigorous underwriting
  • Alignment of interests