« Alvarium is Latin for beehive.
Honey bees have developed a highly effective approach to cooperation and a complex consultation process, allowing them to make better decisions.
As an international network facilitating collaboration, connection and co-investment, Alvarium shares these qualities.  »
Alexander De Mayer, CEO Alvarium Investments

A Strategic Anchor Investor

Alvarium Investments has become a strategic anchor investor, with Osesam being Alvarium sole operating partner for the French real estate market

  • Alvarium Investments is a leading global multi-family office, co-investment partner and merchant banking platform providing tailored solutions for families, foundations and institutions across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. 
  • Alvarium employs 200 employees and 25 partners at eleven office locations across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • It supervises in excess of $15bn of assets on behalf of individuals, families, charities, foundations, institutions and sovereigns.